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Some manufactured stone products may have a cheaper price tag up front, but in time can cost far more to than natural stone. It's a common misconception that natural stone veneer is more expensive than manufactured stone. While some types of natural stone may be more expensive, many actually have comparable prices to manufactured stone.

Over time manufactured stone often deteriorates caused by many factors including but not limited to incorrect installation, UV rays, weather conditions, temperature fluctuation, or humidity.

Manufactured Color

Manufactured Stone is typically made from concrete that is colored with Iron Oxide to give the appearance of natural stone. The concrete is then formed in a mold to resemble stone.


After a few years natural elements like weather and UV Rays can take a toll on manufactured stone often making it fade and deteriorate.


Natural Stone Veneer first starts in the earth at a quarry. It is then mined and prepared to go to a production facility. There it is cut into durable thin veneer or full veneer and uniquely formed with natural or sawed edges for the desired look.

Natural Color

Color is found throughout each piece of natural stone. No two pieces of natural stone are alike, giving it a unique trait not found when using manufactured stone.


Fading is not an issue with natural stone. While manufactured stone can deteriorate from the elements, natural stone enhances with time.

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