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Revillusion built in Electric Fireplace
Sizes Available: 24", 30", 36", 42"

Revillusion® sets a new standard for electric fireplaces by offering a clear view through lifelike flames to the full brick interior, providing an authentic wood-burning fireplace experience. With patented Thruview technology, Mirage Flame Panel, and additional lighting options, this fireplace is truly a step above.

Revillusion technology produces larger, brighter, and more random flames for an authentic experience

Mirage Flame Panel shows only dazzling flames and no reflections for added realism

Thruview technology allows for clear view through the flames to the back of the firebox, providing a more authentic experience

BF Series built in Electric Fireplace
Sizes Available: 33", 39", 45"

Transform any room instantly with the Dimplex electric flame technology that creates an incredibly lifelike and realistic fireplace. With pulsating embers, LED inner glow logs, and a powerful fan-forced heater, this fireplace is both stunning and eco-friendly.

Patented flame technology creates depth and dancing flames for a realistic fire effect

Powerful fan-forced heater heats up to 400 square feet when needed

Eco-friendly and 100% efficient with no harmful emissions, making it a green alternative.

SIERRA built in Electric Fireplace
Sizes Available: 48", 60", 72"

The Sierra 48" offers customizable media bed options and eight ember bed colors to suit your mood. With automatic temperature control and separate illumination control for flames and embers, this fireplace is both versatile and stylish.

Choose between three interchangeable media bed options: logs, pebbles, and crystals

Eight ember bed and flame colors available for a personalized touch

Automatic room temperature control ensures a consistent comfortable setting, while separate illumination controls allow for customized lighting effects.

MULTI FIRE SL built in Electric Fireplace
Sizes Available: 36", 42", 50", 60"

The Slim Linear electric fireplace is perfect for smaller spaces, such as condos or townhouses, featuring an incredibly slim 4" depth and flush 2" x 4" framing. Despite its compact size, the Slim Linear is visually stunning with large, high-contrast flames, multi-color themes, and customizable flame speed.

Multi-Fire XHD™ effect with large, high-contrast flames and multi-layered colors for a lifelike effect

Choose from a variety of color themes or customize with multi-fire technology to adjust flame speed

Slim design with impressive 14" viewing height and mirror technology for added depth illusion.

Ignite XL built in Electric Fireplace
Sizes Available: 50", 60", 74", 100"

Experience the most lifelike and visually stunning electric fireplace with IgniteXL®. With patented flame technology, edge-to-edge glass, and a slim profile, this fireplace is perfect for home or high-rise installations.

Comfort$aver® Heating System for energy efficiency

Choose from a variety of color themes or cycle through colors with prism mode

ulti-function remote for easy control, including Heat Boost for quick warming.

Ignite XL Bold built in Electric Fireplace
Sizes Available: 50", 60", 74" 88", 100"

Experience modern luxury with the IgniteXL® Bold Linear Electric Fireplace, featuring flexible display options, patented mirror effect, and advanced controls for customization.

Choose from multiple flame colors with optional prism mode for added realism and depth.

Stylish multi-media bed includes acrylic crystals with natural-looking driftwood.

Elevate your space with an impressive 16" high viewing area and four installation options.


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