Choosing a stone veneer for your home is a fun process, but it can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to expect. Check out our answers to your stone selection questions. Still have unanswered questions? Contact Us 


What can I expect at a stone selection appointment?

During a stone selection appointment, you and a representative will go through the process of finding an ideal stone for you. To help you find the best stone for you we will go through your likes and dislikes, project time frame, pricing, and more to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Not at all, but if you do have it, we ask that you bring any of the items listed below so we can better help you in finding the best option.

●  Measurements of the area you are adding stone to

●  Photo ideas of similar stone you would like to match

●  Information on the builder and/or mason you are using (if applicable)

●  Architect/Builder Plans (if applicable)

Where are you located?

Our four Edward’s Stone locations are in Roca, Ne., Omaha, NE., Fort Collins, CO., and Castle Rock CO.. You can find our addresses and contact info here.

Not in Nebraska or Colorado?  We also have distributors across the United States and Canada. Contact us for locations where you can find Edward’s Stone products in your state. 

Do you have samples available?

Yes we do! Let us know which stone you would like a sample of and we would be happy to prepare one for you.

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I don’t have a mason. Do I need one before my selection?

Not at all. We can provide in-house installations for stone, brick, and stucco, or we can recommend a few masons that we have worked with in the past.

I want paint colors to match my stone, can you help me pick them?

Yes we can. Our in-house designer can send you some color ideas once you have selected a stone., or we also have color options, and pinterest boards under the inspiration tab on each stone page. 

How do I get information on pricing?

Once you have a stone selected and we know your measurements a representative will be able to give you an estimate on the stone that you are interested in.

Do you have any installed stone projects that I can view?

Absolutely. Aside from the photos that we have posted on the website and social media, we also have a stone catalog (available at any of our locations), and we can also give you a few addresses of previous projects that we have done so you can drive by and see them in person (see a representative for more info). 

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I don’t know what type of stone I want. Can you still help me?

Yes we can. During a stone selection we can help you find the stone you are looking for based on a few factors like color, shape, and price.

Do you sell Manufactured Stone?

No. We sell all natural stone products.

Do you sell pavers?

Yes, at select locations. Check with the location nearest you to learn more.

Have more questions about the stone selection process?

Contact our Team at Edward’s Stone