Do you want to use stone veneer for your next project but don't know which to choose, natural or manufactured?

What's the difference?


Breaking And Deterioration

Over time manufactured stone often deteriorates. Deterioration can be caused by many factors including but not limited to incorrect installation, UV rays, weather conditions, temperature fluctuation, or humidity.

Broken Manufactured Stone


Manufactured stone colors are typically created from iron oxide to have the appearance of natural stone, but in some cases the stone color is not natural. Another issue with coloring of man made stone is that it often can fade. After a few years natural elements like weather and UV Rays can take a toll on manufactured stone often making it fade and deteriorate.


Natural Stone is just that, natural! No two pieces of natural stone are alike, giving it a unique trait not found when using manufactured stone. Fading is also not an issue with natural stone. While manufactured stone can deteriorate from the elements, natural stone enhances with time.

Manufactured Stone


As explained above, manufactured stone is made from concrete that is colored with Iron oxide to give the appearance of natural stone. The concrete is then formed in a mold to resemble stone. Once the concrete is formed the manufactured stone is then dyed with colors made to look natural.


Natural Stone Veneer first starts in the earth at a quarry. It is then mined and prepared to go to a production facility. There it will be cut into thin veneer or full veneer and uniquely formed with natural or sawed edges for the desired look.



Efflorescence is a natural occurrence in permeable surfaces like natural or manufactured stone. It is caused by salt rising to the surface of the material which causes a white film to appear. 


While efflorescence can occur on both natural or manufactured products, cleaning manufactured stone is often considered more difficult. There are many factors to consider when cleaning faux stone including fragility, water pressure, the pigments used to dye the cement, safe products, mortar, and overall durability of the stone.


Natural Stone can often be cleaned with a  cleaning method using water, and a non-wire brush.


Costs & Pricing

It is a common misconception that natural stone veneer is more expensive than manufactured stone. While some types of natural stone can be more expensive, many actually have comparable prices to manufactured stone. Natural and manufactured stone veneer pricing can vary on region, cut, style, thickness, installation, or more.

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