Cuts of small and large stones with natural blended and smooth pieces are precisely placed together in order to construct a timeless design using a 1/2" mortar joint. 

Stone dimensions (approx.): 2.25", 5", 7.75"H x 8"-20"L x 0.75-1.25"D

Available with the 10.5" pieces

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Edward's Stone has locations in Lincoln NE., Omaha NE. Fort Collins CO., and Castle Rock CO. We Offer Natural Thin Stone Veneer, Full Stone Veneer, Reclaimed Wood, Hearths, Mantels, Hand Hewn Beams, Flagstone, Stone Caps, Reclaimed Wood, Reclaimed Brick, MSI Stone, Outcroppings, Pavers, Sills, And Steps.   We are open to the public and we can help both Residential and Commercial Clients.